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Iraqi Journal of Market Research and Consumer Protection

Scientific Refereed Journal, it Have (ISSN: 2071-3894) for Printed Journals, (E-ISSN: 2523-6180) for Electronically Published Journals and Registered in Iraqi National Library and Archives Under Deposit No. 1373 for the Year 2010. Publishing from Market Research and Consumer Protection Center, University of Baghdad, Republic of Iraq by Two Numbers Per Year, It is Accredited for the Purposes of Scientific Promotions and Publishes Scientific Researches in the Field of Social Sciences that are Directly Related to the Market and Consumer in Various Fields Including Public Health, Marketing, Economics, Environment, Agriculture, Pure Science and Media. The Journal Available to All (Free Research is Available). There are no Fees to Download the Published Article in the Journal, which is listed on the Journal Website by the researchers. The CCBY 4.0 License Policy.

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(E-ISSN: 2523-6180):

Iraqi National Library and Archives. Baghdad, Iraq:

CCBY 4.0 License Policy: